A comprehensive Reflex and Mind Dynamix Profile assessment

Cost: R1250

Time to complete: Approximately 2 hours

Follow-up services:

Comprehensive written report – R660
Follow-up session – R360
Time to Complete: 45-60 minutes

School Readiness Assessment


Cost: R230

Time to complete: 6-8 hours


Cost: R670

Time to complete: 4-5 hours

Mind Moves Reflex Assessment

Cost: R690

Time to complete: 60 minutes

Mind Dynamix Profile Assessment

Cost: R670
Time to complete: 60 minutes

Study Fitness Course

Cost: R2160

Time to complete: (18 hours at R120.00 per hour)

Study Fitness Programme

Cost: R1270

Time to complete: 120 minutes

Study Fitness Assessment

Cost: R690

Time to complete: 60 minutes (Based on the Reflex- and Mind Dynamix Profile assessment)