Specialist Workshops

Mind Moves is not a programme, it is a LIFESTYLE.
We equip students, parents, teachers, and therapists with powerful tools to enhance children's learning capabilities and bolster their confidence. Our Mind Moves Workshops are concise, engaging, brimming with enlightening moments and offer practical application.

E-learning Courses

Reading READINESS Programme


Neuro Dynamix of Writing & Reading

Neuro Dynamix Remedial Obstacle Courses

School Readiness
Level 1, 2, 3

Neuroscience 101       

In-person/online workshops

Learning Booster Workshops

In-person/online workshops  

Neurodevelopmental Delays

Gravitational Security

Neurodevelopmental Playgrounds

No More Low Muscle Tone

Dyslexia & Spatial Orientation

No More Auditory, Speech & Language delays

Legible Handwriting

Splendid Spelling

Advanced Training

Mind Moves Development & Learning Specialist


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