I’m excited to be able to work with children, parents and teachers to use Mind Moves ® to overcome barriers to learning. By using movement as medicine to mimic reflexes that are aberrant and in turn, develop a child as a whole. To enable a child to be fully functional and have the ability to use their whole brain in every activity that they do in school and at home, and with well-established dominance throughout their body and therefor be ready to learn at any time, excites me. I want to help a child take their current ‘test’ circumstances and turn it into their 'testimony' and be able to learn and ‘do school’. Additionally, to help parents and teachers, to know that there is so much more that they can do to help the little bodies that they come across each day. Because a barrier is not the end, it’s the start of a Mind Moves Program.



Your workshop I attended during the "Focus week,' at Turffontein during the week of GPEDU training proved extremely insightful and valuable. I learnt that the mind of the impressionable child/learner is a powerful force to be reckoned with. The information and the manner it was explained to us, made me as an Educator realise that I have to see little budding learners differently. They are ours to mold in such a way that they become skillful contenders of society by means of using their God given senses and intuition to control their minds and the wonderful organ the brain. I learnt that focusing solely on the academics is not the ultimate goal. Children are the most important invention of Almighty God and all they need is the Adults to guide and motivate them with the best resources available and that is the innate human body itself. I would hope that workshops such as these become "Road shows,' at every school, countrywide that can afford and accord the opportunity, to and from your organisation. Thank you once again for according me the opportunity to change my mundane way of thinking and implementing in the classroom. I'm going to do things differently so that my special learners derive maximum benefit from my new - found knowledge. Yours in Education and kind regards Mrs R. M. Saloojee - a lifelong learner and "it's never too late," participant



The workshop was well planned and organised. The content was amazing,  I've learnt so much and can't wait to disseminate the knowledge and understanding gained.