I’ve been searching for an opportunity to fill this “hole” in my career….. I believe that Mind Moves is exactly that!  What I’ve seen, heard, experienced and learned in the training week made me VERY excited about becoming an instructor.  Coming from a teaching background, I’ve seen what can be done to change the classroom situation – for the child as well as the teacher.  I am very excited about what can be achieved with Mind Moves.


“When you want to see change, be the change” My ervaring, van begin tot einde, om opgelei te word as ‘n AMMI was positief en lewensveranderend. My grense is en moes op ‘n professionele en persoonlike vlak geskuif word, sodat ek toegerus kon wees om kinders, ouers en gesinne se realiteit positief te kon aanraak en beïnvloed. Mind Moves® het my laat waarneem en nie net sien nie, laat luister en nie net hoor nie. Die kursus het die kwaliteite wat ek reeds gehad het weer wakker kom maak en my ongelooflik begeesterd gelaat – daar is soveel impak wat elkeen het op die mense rondom ons. 44 7de Straat, Linden – my tweede huis. Ek het verander om ander se lewens te kan verander met Mind Moves as die groot katalisator. Mind Moves en spesifiek dan die AMMI-kursus het vir my soveel praktiese leemtes ingevul in die baie teorie wat geleer is gedurende my universiteitsdae. Ek voel veilig binne die duidelike grense van Mind Moves en is prakties en teoreties toegerus om my verandering in  my omgewing te kan bring


The training session was a really stimulating, empowering, informative and a good learning experience for me. The group was very interactive and we had a really good relationship with each other. The practical demonstration with the client gave me a lot of insight into how I could improve on my case studies. It was really beneficial for me to experience Melodie’s expertise and her approach to a client. It was a lot of hard work and early mornings but an amazing experience.


I have always dreamed about working with children.  With Mind Moves Training, I can see the passion within me coming to life! Thank you once again for the wonderful guidance of Doctor Melodie de Jager!! Fantastic Training!


Die opleiding was ongelooflik. Mens leer soveel van jouself in 'n kort tydjie. Jy besef tussendeur die opleiding dat jy jouself en ander met baie meer begrip en liefde moet hanteer, want almal doen die beste wat hulle kan. Die opleiding is deur en deur die moeite werd en ten spyte van die intensiteit, sal ek dit in 'n oogwink weer doen. Die kinders waarmee ek al gewerk het, is soveel rustiger en van hulle het meer selfvertroue.


The training was excellent.  I now see barriers to learning through a different lens.  The "strategies" used to address barriers are simple, realistic and natural. The course structure is so comprehensive and understandable and it helped me to find myself and to understand others better. It gave me pleasure to notice some improvement with learners in my case studies. One of the parents reported that after doing the Mind Moves for 2 months her child can now complete Legos on his own without being distracted and is able to pack away his toys without being told. He is now showing some sense of responsibility, which he did not have before the Mind Moves programme. The other parent texted me with excitement to say her child drew a person for the first time. It gave me pleasure to receive such feedback. My thanks go to Dr Melodie de Jager for giving me an opportunity of a lifetime. I will always cherish this and implement the skills in supporting learners experiencing barriers to learning. The course is really worth the while and of course worth the money.


I really enjoyed the training as I learnt a lot about how the body and brain works and in the process how I work!  🙂  Melodie is an inspiration and makes the training entertaining with her success stories.  The support one receives from the Institute is much more that what I received at tertiary level.


The AMMI training is challenging on an intellectual and emotional level. I have never before grown so much within such a short period. During my practical the most amazing result I experienced was working with a boy on focus and solving his bed-wetting problem - without even being aware of it!


Hmmm, to give feedback on our training, in one paragraph? Quite a difficult job - so much to say. Let’s start by describing it in one word: fantamagories! For the English-speaking, it means awesome, marvelous, a mind-blowing, once-in-a-lifetime experience! My life would just not be the same without my Mind Moves training. I feel like a new world has opened up for me - a teacher with 20 years’ experience. The Mind Moves training-team comprises people with a passion for what they do, and it rubs off. Not an easy course, but all the knowledge you gain, make the hard work and time spent studying and researching, definitely worthwhile! Then of course, what Mind Moves does for learners following the programme, is indescribable: you have to live, see and feel it for yourself...


I want to thank Mind Moves for the Study Fitness course my son attended. I can’t begin to describe what a difference it’s made in OUR lives. I say OUR because the change he experienced from then until now really took the pressure off me. It’s amazing how his reading improved. And the speed at which he reads with ACCURACY and COMPREHENSION is phenomenal!


Study Fitness was huge fun and I've learned a lot. It really helped me. And when I did all the exercises, my results increased by 8%. My reading speed also increased which makes it easier to study and write tests. I like the new way of summarising and it makes learning easier and more fun.