What if slow learners could become star pupils?

With the scientifically-developed Mind Moves®, they can! Now there’s no reason to watch helplessly when kids struggle and seem unable to grasp, process and apply the information at the same rate as others. Because you can make a difference in their lives. It’s time you learned Mind Moves – a proven system for finding the cause of learning problems and eliminating it by means of specific, simple-to-use Mind Moves exercises while strengthening pupils’ learning abilities.

Highly recommended for children aged 3 – 18 years.

Movement develops the brain

Why do we expect children to sit still when conception is an active process; the ensuing cell division is an active process; development of the embryo is an active process; growth of the foetus is an active process; birth is an active process; breathing is an active process; reaching each milestone is an active process; touching, smelling, tasting, seeing and listening are active processes; eating, singing, walking, sitting, reading, writing, learning and sleeping are active processes…?

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What are reflexes?

A primitive reflex is an instinctive, fast, automatic, uncontrolled, and unplanned muscle movement designed to emerge in a systematic order to construct and integrate specific parts of the nervous system before inhibiting and paving the way for more sophisticated neural processes and more mature behaviour.

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