What are reflexes?

Reflexes are involuntary reactions in response to stimulation that brings about a change.

Simple reflexes occur throughout life, e.g. you touch something hot and your hand pulls away without you thinking first. These reactions are controlled by certain areas of the spinal cord.

Primitive reflexes develop during pregnancy and are present at birth to assist with the birthing process. During the first year of life, primitive reflexes stimulate sensory-motor development. Primitive reflexes are controlled by the brain stem and have a limited lifespan.

Postural ‘reflexes’ are reactions to gravity to maintain posture and prevent injury.

In Mind Moves® we focus on primitive reflex reactions that:

  • emerge to start a developmental process
  • develop a neural circuit for a specific function
  • integrate within the first year of life
  • inhibit (go to rest)
  • re-emerge in case of injury or trauma to rebuild a specific circuit.


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