The Mind Moves Institute serves humanity by using natural movement as a catalyst to optimise the ability of humans to adapt and learn.

Our purpose is to empower people with  the understanding and tools to grow and develop into skilled, confident and compassionate individuals who can collectively apply neuroscience as embodied cognition to address challenges.

We achieve this by:

  • equipping people with the knowledge and skills to develop an agile mindset and attitude
  • connecting with pregnant mothers, babies, toddlers, children, students, adults, and senior adults a multi-media approach, development programmes and various supporting resources
  • dynamically combining biomimicry, applied neuroscience and movement to optimise joyful living from the very young to older adults.

Mind Moves Institute

The Mind Moves Institute is a research and training institute providing
eight brain boosting movement programmes designed for different ages and stages.

Movement as medicine is used in many situations and for various purposes.

Nurturing physical development from the beginning of life.

Preparing a child physically, emotionally, socially and academically to thrive in school.

Developing skills that underpin the natural transition from playful learning to learning to write and read.

Providing solutions to overcome neuro-based learning and behavioural difficulties.

Using movement and mental agility to support learning inside and outside the classroom.

Enable individuals to discover the boundless possibilities that come with knowledge of self.

Advancing from a life of work to a life of meaning.

Energising seniors to maintain autonomy and quality of life.

We aspire to always be authentic and transparent in our interactions and actions by:

  • treating everybody with dignity and respect
  • being honest and creating an environment of trust
  • being responsive to the needs of people
  • acting with integrity in harmony with the ethos of the Mind Moves Institute.

Mind Moves Institute:

  • is a non-profit organisation (NPC)
  • delivers on CPTD for the South African Council for Educators (SACE)
  • is recognised for kineticists by the South African Professional Institute of Kinderkinetics (SAPIK)
  • is recognised for therapists and medical professionals by the South African Medical Association (SAMA).

Our books are available in many languages:

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