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Mind Moves Training offers a unique opportunity to expand your profession and immerse yourself in a vibrant culture of learning and teaching. If you're eager to make a meaningful difference in children's lives, make a move today.

Passionate about Teaching?

Become a Mind Moves Development & Learning Specialist and address the root causes of learning barriers with the Mind Moves Institute. Facilitate measurable progress for learners facing these challenges as part of our programme. SIAS compatible. SACE, SAMA & SAPIK endorsed

Mind Moves offers a comprehensive system of scientifically developed neuro-physical strategies and movements to promote development and learning, effectively eliminating barriers to educational success.

Advanced Mind Moves training enables you, a qualified teacher or therapist, to partner with the Mind Moves Institute and become a Mind Moves Development & Learning Specialist.

As a Mind Moves Development & Learning Specialist, you will:

  • be mentored by Dr Melodie de Jager and benefit from her extensive research and experience.
  • gain an in-depth appreciation and understanding of the innovative field of neuroscience and the role of the physical body in the learning process.
  • be trained in the guiding principles and standards of practice established by Mind Moves Institute that can be conducted in a group in the classroom or individually at home.
  • explore the role of primitive reflexes and movement in the natural maturation of the Nervous System.
  • discover Mind Dynamix, a distinctive system of biofeedback profiling that illuminates a child’s neurological strengths, challenges, and learning preferences.
  • gain access to online training sessions on how to present study skills: Study Fitness (Grade 4+) and Mind Crafter (Grade 7) training
  • be empowered to offer 12 SACE, SAMA, and SAPIK-accredited Mind Moves workshops to parents, teachers and therapists.

Dr. Melodie de Jager, founder of the Mind Moves Institute, frequently underscores a powerful message: “There is no such thing as a ‘dumb’ child, only inadequate teaching methods.” Driven by this belief, she has devoted her career to exploring the principles of whole-brain functioning and creating innovative tools that enable children to harness their physical, emotional, and intellectual abilities to reach their full potential. Discover the transformative impact of these ground-breaking teaching techniques by joining the Mind Moves Development & Learning Specialist training programme.

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