Mind Moves in the classroom

Mind Moves® offers effective solutions to the following learning barriers:

  • ADHD – through inhibiting the necessary reflexes
  • Hyperactivity – through moving a lot, (but in a constructive way) to satisfy the brain’s need to move to develop sensory-motor structures
  • Sensory stimulation and integration barriers – through developing the sensory – motor system
  • Learning style barriers – through developing the non-dominant parts of the brain and body to learn from a whole-brain perspective
  • Language barriers – through preparing the ear and the speech apparatus for learning different languages, thereby building the necessary “thinking language”
  • Emotional barriers – through building confidence and a positive sense of self by enhancing the learners’ abilities and, above all, their potential for success.

Mind Moves® are grouped together in outcome-specific combinations to make it easier to select the best move to train the brain to gain. All the moves in these combinations develop the neural circuitry needed to become skilled in core muscle control, listening, language development, reading, writing, concentration, spelling, creative problem solving and maths, coordination, test writing, public speaking and confidence boosting. Repeat each move five times or more to prepare the brain to gain.

By spending just two minutes prior to a lesson preparing the learners’ brains, you will reduce your teaching time as well as the number of times you may have to repeat the learning content before they understand it.

Pick your combination of Mind Moves exercises for improved:

  • Core development
  • Listening skills
  • Language skills
  • Visual skills
  • Concentration
  • Writing and public speaking skills
  • Reading and spelling skills
  • Creative problem solving and maths
  • Memory, and confident test writing.


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